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The function of the BOECO Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer is to make quick

analyses of milk samples directly after milking, at collecting and during




The BOECO Milk analyzer make quick analyses of milk and liquid dairy

products as: Cow milk, UHT milk, Sheep milk, Goat milk, Buffalo milk,

Camel milk, Whey, Cream (up to 45%), Skimmed milk (0,01% FAT,

Ice-cream mixtures, Concentrated milk (up to 1160kg/m3), Yogurt,


BOECO Flavoured milk, Recovered milk.



Each unit will be delivered with 3 calibrations (standard are sheep, cow

and UHT milk)


The standard model LAC-S has one peristaltic pump for the sample, the

LAC-SA models have two pumps, the second one for automatic cleaning.



Direct measurement of cold milk samples, starting at 5°C.


No need of periodical calibration


The measurement accuracy is not dependant on milk’s acidity


High-end ultrasonic technology for analyzing any kind of milk


Dimensions 100x223x216 mm (WxLxH)


Weight: < 3 kg

Measurement .

Power: Input 100-240V ~1,6 A max, 50/60 hz,

results Output +12V 4.17 A min

The following Parameters can be measured from the Ultrasonic system:


Fat, Solid-non-fat (SNF), Density, Protein, Lactose,


BOECO LAC-SA Milk sample temperature, Added water, Salts, Freezing point,


with 2 peristaltic


pumps inside, The following Parameters can be measured from integrated systems:


1 for cleaning, 1


pH (together with a electrode), Conductivity, Inhibitors

for sample


Parameter Measuring range Accuracy



from 0,01% to 45% ± 0.06%




from 3% to 40% ± 0.15%


Density from 100 to 1160 kg/m3 ± 0.3 kg/m3

Protein from 2% to 15% ± 0,15%



from 0.01% to 20% ± 0.20


Added Water content from 0% to 70% ± 3.0%


input for alkaline detergent for automatic


Temperature of milk from 5°C to 40°C ± 1°C


cleaning on every hour

Freezing point from -0,400 to-0,700°C ± 0.005°C



from 0,4 to 4% ± 0.05%




from 0 to 14 ± 0.05%


The optional built-in conductivity



Conductivity from 2 to 14 mS/cm ± 0.05 (mS/cm)


sensor gives high performance

freezing point analysis - avoid poor

quality milk due to added water,

detects mastitis and falsification

with added salt

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